Amsterdam – The most “gezellig” tech city

Amsterdam is a flourishing tech city which attracts both tech companies and talent. In this blog post you can read about Amsterdam’s tech scene, the most desired software developer skills, how much developers earn, what kind of conferences, accelerators and incubators there are and you can also get to know the companies that have decided to place their headquarters here or open an office in the area.

The city

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First of all, let’s talk a little bit about Amsterdam. This city is mostly known for its canals, bikes and Red Light District, but few people know that it is one of the most liveable and safest cities in the world and is constantly ranked on top when it comes to work-life balance, happiness or education.

It is a really “gezellig” city. This Dutch word doesn’t have an exact English equivalent, its meaning includes everything from cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious. You will hear this word a lot if you decide to move to the Dutch capital!

As for LGBTQ-friendliness; Amsterdam ranks second in the world. It also has one of the best Prides.

The high quality of life, the relatively low cost of living (compared to other tech cities), an airport with great connections to anywhere in the world and the political and economic stability makes this capital popular for international talent and companies.

The Dutch capital was named the best tech city in Europe to work at by Hubspot, and is the 4th in the world ranking following New York, San Francisco and London.

The size of the city and one of the most bike friendly environments in the world makes this flourishing capital more pleasant. Thanks to the excellent quality of life and the well-educated workforce tech firms are thriving in this area and attracting new businesses and talent.

Language and international community

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When it comes to the language, you do not have to worry about language barriers! The Netherlands is almost a completely bilingual country, 90% of its residents speak English and the country is ranked second in the EF English Proficiency Index.

The tech scene is very internationally-oriented and since developers come from all around the world most companies use English as a business language. Many of the big tech firms have over 70% non-Dutch employees in their tech teams.

Due to the high amount of expats, the feeling of community and belonging helps the people who relocated and makes them more comfortable to work and live in Amsterdam. Companies like Try Catch enjoy to organize events for tech people in Amsterdam where they can make friends and just have fun!

Tech talent and requirements

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As mentioned before, Amsterdam attracts highly skilled tech talent and tech companies, there are approximately around 215.000 professional tech developers in the city. Around 25% of Amsterdam’s population work in the tech sector and the salaries for tech professionals are the highest in Europe.

The employment in the tech sector also grew in the past years by 12%.

But who and which positions are the most wanted?

The most wanted are developers and data scientists. The cores of every tech team: front and back end developers are also highly important. Tech companies struggle to find good data scientists, these positions are constantly open and sometimes it takes up more than 12 weeks to fill in these roles.

As the industry grows rapidly, companies are looking for more medior and senior talent. They usually don’t have time to train junior talent that is not able to fully understand the systems, development languages and techniques. However, some scale-ups indicated that balancing 20-30% of senior and 70-80% of junior talent was efficient enough to meet demands while improving the business too. Bigger tech companies, however, are overall open to junior tech people, since they can still be formed to the company.

Other research on Europe’s tech scene also highlighted, that software engineers (including mobile) are the most difficult employees to attract (Balderton, 2016). They are followed by data scientists and machine learning and cloud service professionals.

The skills which are the most difficult to find are front end developers, full stack engineers, back end java developers and any kind of data scientists and machine learning professionals.

Developer salaries

Developer salaries in the Netherlands are ranked 9th globally and 7th in Europe.

Junior developer salaries in the Netherlands range from about €36K to €60K, medior developers’ salaries from €36K to €64K and senior developers’ salaries from €41K to €75K. (Stack Overflow (2018) and our own data). The figure above shows the average salaries for different kind of positions and experience.

Tech companies

Booking office in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a high variety of tech companies and is a key tech hub for software, travel, fintech and life sciences & health industries. There are more than 69.000 jobs in tech companies and open positions in fields like SaaS grew by 30% in the past 2 years.

There are almost 1700 tech companies in the Dutch capital from seed startups like Crisp, to scale-ups like Picnic to big tech giants like or Uber.

Startups are the dutch economy’s number 1 growth engine and companies younger than 5 years add the most jobs. Dutch tech companies raised around €500 million in 2018, amazing right?

Tech and startup events

The Next Web Conference

Thanks to Amsterdam’s flourishing tech scene more and more tech and startup events are present in the city. The most commonly known are Amsterdam Eweek, Hackers and Founders, React, The Next Web Conference and Amsterdam Capital Week.

Accelerators and incubators

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To help startups grow, there are several incubators and accelerators, such as Antler, Ace Incubator, Booking Booster, Collider, Rockstart and many more. These accelerators are usually providing training, business support, office space and help startuppers grow their network.

Let’s move to Amsterdam

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To summarise, Amsterdam is and will be a great tech hub to work and live in. Are you interested to move here and find new opportunities in this amazing tech capital? Read the “Ultimate Relocation Guide to Amsterdam” in which you can find all the important information from visas and permits to buying a bike.

And if you need help finding your dream position, sign up on our website and we can connect you with the nicest tech companies in Amsterdam!


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