Why Developers Are Moving To The Netherlands

The Netherlands — the nation that chose bright orange as its national colour, what’s not to love! In recent years, software developers have had their eyes set on the Netherlands as a new home. At Try Catch our data shows the Netherlands as a Number One choice for relocation in Europe. It’s not surprising, really, as the Dutch tech industry is one of the most active and fast-growing. Here’s what else makes the country a favourite:


The Netherlands has been at the forefront of innovation and creation since the Golden Age. Internationally known as an early adopter of new technologies, high-tech products are one of the country’s biggest exports. With Amsterdam’s close links to Silicon Valley and Eindhoven’s partnerships in China, the Netherlands is a true test-bed for tech invention.

Opportunities to Grow

A fast-paced and growing tech scene provides countless opportunities for developers to expand their knowledge. A gateway to the rest of the world: the Netherlands draws people from all over to its exciting conferences, events and meet-ups, giving developers the chance to share and discuss their interests with the best of the best.

Start-up Breeding Ground

The Netherlands is an entrepreneurial haven for businesses to grow. The City of Amsterdam has announced a €5.2 million investment to support start-ups and increase access to working spaces and capital. And you’re never more than 90 minutes away from top-notch start-ups and tech clusters in other Dutch cities too! Even established organisations such as Netflix or Uber choose the Netherlands for their European headquarters.

30% Tax Ruling

A big incentive: the Dutch government provides a 30% tax-free allowance for people moving to the Netherlands for work. Combined with a low unemployment rate in comparison to its EU counterparts, this country is soaring ahead!

Great Cultural Life

Whether visiting the Van Gogh museum, taking a boat trip down the canals or sipping coffee on Amsterdam’s Grote Markt, the Netherlands is rife with cultural hotspots. Its outdoor café and market culture is great for daily wandering and exploring.

Easy to Find Your Feet

The Dutch are warm and welcoming. You’ll find that almost all Dutch people can speak and understand English, which is a real advantage when first settling in. With its international flavour, people from all different backgrounds socialise together; regardless of age, religion, sexuality, culture or financial status. The same goes in the workplace. It’s not uncommon for an employer and employee to go grab a beer together after work.

Quality of Life

EU statistics rank the Netherlands in the top five for almost all quality of life factors. Its high total income, low crime rates and supportive health care system make it a stable, safe and attractive place to live and grow a family.

A Hub for Explorers

Situated in the heart of Western Europe, the Netherlands is a perfect starting-point for any European explorer. It’s a short flight from London and borders both Germany and Belgium. For only a tenner, you can even hop on a bus to Paris!

Stay Fit!

You can cycle just about everywhere in the Netherlands, come rain or shine. It’s a healthy, fun and efficient mode of transport that keeps both traffic and pollution to a minimum. Groups of friends cycle to work together in the mornings, or to bars on the weekends (added plus: see you later parking problems!)

Cheese, Cheese and More Cheese

Everybody loves cheese and the Netherlands has got plenty of it. Whether it’s a young and creamy Edam or an old and robust Gouda, the Dutch love it. Visit one of the many cheese markets dotted around the country and do the free taste-test to find your favourite.


Be Warned, You May Never Leave

Founder at Try Catch

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